Workflow Software

Job Management

Automating processes across your entire fleet to get jobs in and out of your shop is essential to productivity. And it can improve the quality of your output as well. With faster turnaround times and less room for error, you'll be able to bring in more work and grow your business.

Web to Print

Make your services more accessible and expand your reach by putting your business on the web and allowing customers to submit jobs from anywhere, anytime using a convenient online portal. Xerox web-to-print solutions provide a 24/7 storefront that can accept jobs and even automate job scheduling and setup, keeping your shop productive – even when no one is there.


Save time and money by automating labour-intensive prepress tasks. Basic imposition, tab programming, even simplified colour management can be handled with a touchless workflow, reducing risks of error, freeing resources and speeding jobs through your shop so you can meet ever shortening turnaround times and bring in more business.

Variable Data Publishing

Use customisation and personalisation to create targeted, relevant touch points that drive valuable responses and get desired results for your customers. Find innovative yet simple-to-implement ways to personalise your printed communications using Xerox variable data publishing solutions.

Cross Media Publishing

Delivering engaging communications across multiple channels including print, email, web, mobile and video creates a more engaging and interactive experience for customers and gets messages noticed. Xerox cross media publishing solutions make it possible to simultaneously develop multi-touch and multichannel communications while adding rich media to increase value and impact.

Print Servers/Controllers

Optimise the power of your printer right up front with state-of-the-art colour management and automated job management. Xerox and our partners offer print servers that are easy to use, tremendously productive, all the while ensuring the quality of your output, print after print.

Integrated Solutions

Optimise the productivity of your print operation from end-to-end with integrated solutions from Xerox and our partners. These solutions give you the flexibility to run more types of jobs so you can offer an even broader array of solutions to your customers.

Colour Management

Consistent, accurate, and repeatable colour you can depend on. These are just a few of the qualities your customers demand when it comes to colour printing. We make it easy for you meet each of these challenges with our expertise and colour management solutions.

Feeding and Finishing

Move your jobs flawlessly through your printers and add a professional finish – either inline or offline – for high-speed, high-quality, high-value output. Automated end-to-end solutions save time and resources and reduce the opportunity for error that can slow your shop down.